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8700 S Series

MF 8700 S Series

The New MF 8700 S series is designed to produce more power and reduce your running costs.

AGCO POWER 6 cylinder 8.4 Liter engines generate power from 200kW to 272kW. The engine is designed for excellent fuel economy keeping running costs low.

The stepless Dyna-VT allows you to achieve the correct operating speed for various applications and soil conditions. This allows the tractor to reach the optimum engine speed to maximise work and minimise fuel consumption.

MF 8700 S Series mODELs

Model Power (kW) Engine Transmission Lift Capacity (Kg)
MF 8727 S 200 AGCO Power 6 Cylinder, 8.4 Liter Tier 2 Dyna VT 12,000
MF 8732 S 235 AGCO Power 6 Cylinder, 8.4 Liter Tier 2 Dyna VT 12,000
MF 8737 S 272 AGCO Power 6 Cylinder, 8.4 Liter Tier 2 Dyna VT 12,000


  • Dyna-VT offers stepless travel from 0.03 to 40 km/h at any engine speed.
  • For control and comfort Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) works with Dyna-VT and automatically controls engine and transmission when activated. The DTM will then manage the engine rpm for optimal efficiency while maintaining the desired working speed.

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