Agroplus f keyline

Your key to efficiency

The Agroplus F Keyline is the perfect compact tractor especially for working in orchards or on smaller open fields.

It is equipped with simple and innovative mechanical controls, all-wheel braking with wet disc brakes and separate valve and offers top ergonomy due to the rational control layout. With its great price content relation, the Agroplus F Keyline is your key to more efficiency.

In the fruit growing sector too, the mechanisation of labour-intensive work steps is the key to increasing productivity and thus making businesses competitive. With the Agroplus F Keyline, DEUTZ-FAHR offers the ideal special tractor for fruit-growing businesses that are now looking to mechanise.

It is the ideal tractor for any operating profile.


Agroplus f keyline Models

Model Power (kW) Engine Transmission Lift Capacity (Kg)
F 55 Keyline 41 3 Cylinder, 3 Litre  8F+8R 2 700
F 75 Keyline 53 3 Cylinder, 3 Litre  15F+15R 2 700


  • All Agroplus F Keyline models are equipped with four-wheel brakes and separate brake valves, which intelligently distribute the braking power to the front and rear axle. This results in the highest braking effect and maximum safety.
  • When it comes to the driver’s health and fitness, you should not make any compromises. Thus, it can be said for all Agroplus F Keyline models: Get in, drive off and feel good.
  • For a long working day and more. The driver’s seat and seating position are extremely comfortable.
  • All of the operating and driving data is put together clearly on the instrument behind the steering wheel. The driver constantly can have an eye on everything. The controls are easily to handle, arranged logically according to how often they are used and clearly colour coded. This guarantees largely error-free operation, even when working hours surpass the normal levels.

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