aGROLUX 90 AND 100

Function meets contemporary design.

The tractors of the Agrolux 90 and 100 series are simple, efficient, and reliable multi-role tractors, conceived to deliver the best performance and productivity in the 80 to 100 hp class.

The range consists of two models powered by an SDF 1000 Series engine.

While functional, these tractors also boast advanced design and technology and feature bespoke solutions such as the injection-moulded single-piece cowl in sound-absorbing resin.

Agrolux 90 and 100 Models

Model Power (kW) Engine Transmission Lift Capacity (Kg)
Agrolux 90 65 4 Cylinder, 4 Litre Diesel 20 + 20 4 200
Agrolux 100 70 4 Cylinder, 4 Litre Diesel 20 + 20 4 200


  • Superior performance guaranteed.
  • Setting these engines apart is a mixed oil/water cooling system and a mechanical high pressure injection system.
  • With a compact engine layout and a potent cooling system with generous ventilation grilles, Agrolux tractors can be used without difficulty even in very hot climates.
  • Offering superlative simplicity and reliability, the transmission equipping Agrolux 90 and 100 tractors is extremely versatile and features intelligently spaced gear ratios, to cater to a huge range of different applications.
  • Two-wheel drive versions come with powerful wet disc brakes incorporated in the rear axle, while four-wheel drive versions are equipped as standard with an integral system that brakes all four wheels for car-like stability even under the hardest braking.

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